Friday, February 15, 2013

V-day forgetfulness

Conversation I had with CJ the other night:

CJ: Can we change the name of the blog? "The Lewis'" is so boring.
Taryn: I agree! I just didn't take the time to think of anything cooler. Do you have any other suggestions?
CJ: How about... "To Infinity and Beyond!" I like that movie.
Taryn: Um, no.
CJ: Whyyyyyyy?
Taryn: It's corny. We might as well call it "To Eternity and Beyond!"
Taryn: No.
CJ: Whyyyyyy?
Taryn: Because it's corny.
CJ: No it's not.
Taryn: Yes it is. And it has nothing to do with us.
CJ: Well, what is something unique that defines us?
Taryn: .......
CJ: I KNOW! "What's for dinner?" or "I'm hungry!"

I'm totally flattered that this is our defining characteristic as a married couple.  Apparently we eat... and that's about it.  I love my husband.

Yesterday for V day we celebrated with dinner and color me mine (I think every couple in Provo had the same idea) and then went and gave grandma some valentines.  Before we left, CJ sent me on a scavenger hunt and every location had a cute poem with a coupon on the back of the paper (ex: "Lunch or dinner at Cafe Rio"). I asked him what he wanted a few days ago and he said "warm gloves." (?) 
 I found some on Amazon and he was a happy boy! 
(men are so easy to buy for. i love it)

My poems/coupons
my "thoughtful" V day gift.
"I love you" in every font possible.

side note: we did not eat at happy sumo even though
 this picture might suggest it. We are not sushi fans.

gerber daisy :)
On our way home, we passed a new swim suit store that will be opening soon and then it hit me. I ordered CJ a swim suit for Christmas (it was obviously an amazing deal) and "IT NEVER CAME!!!" As soon as I got home I searched all of my hiding places just in case, and lo and behold, there was CJ's Christmas present, still in the package.  
The swim suit was even red for Valentine's Day. wink wink. 
I'm such a good wife. Giving him winter gloves and a swim suit on the same day...

Lets be real- I'm forgetful. I will probably end up renaming this blog "to eternity and beyond" because I will forget how corny it actually is. Don't judge.

I hope your V-day was as eventful as ours!
Love, Taryn

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