Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Photo barf! Enjoy! 

April Fools-- Yummy Cadbury Egg, right? 

It blends right in with all of CJ's yummy Easter treats...

April Fools FAIL. Finger through the egg. Cadbury egg= hard boiled egg covered with chocolate and wrapped to "perfection." I gave myself a pat on the back for effort and then gave CJ a real Cadbury egg. I'm wayyyy too nice.

My second prank also failed. Salt on the toothbrush--
 CJ rinsed it all off before putting it in his mouth. Sad.

Shout out to Natalie Bennion! She's my #1 blog stalker! 
And also really buff and tuff ;)

CJ won $15,000!!! Weeeee! 
(Ok, I wish! Intuiplan won the money-- So exciting for them!
And there's nothing cooler than getting a big check)

Drew's method of listening to conference.

If you hadn't heard, my family's house had a huge fire back in the middle of December.  The kitchen was destroyed and the whole house was smoke damaged. Literally EVERY room was covered in soot.  This is a pic of our kitchen before (and probably 5 years ago,because who takes pictures of their kitchen on a regular basis??)...
And after the fire...

The renovation begins...

And now it's done! It's SO different but so pretty!!

Dallin's setting apart. He's now in New Zealand as a missionary for 

NIT tournament BYU game... at the very top of the stadium

For my major, we have what's called "practicum." I was assigned a 2nd grade class for a month and got to teach them. SOOOO much work but SOOOO MUCH FUN!! 
Look how cute they are!!

And this, is my absolute favorite "thank you" note.

Happy Easter!!

Conner got his mission call to Texas, Ft. Worth!!! 
His mission covers the Reber's hometown! Whoo!!

And he's also a NATIONAL CHAMPION. Sick.

This picture....hahahaha
We did not plan this very well with the lighting

And I just thought I'd throw this in here for no reason except that if I could apparate I would be here right now.

Weather forecast for Provo: freezing.
April snow brings May...?

May your April be warmer than ours so far!
Love, Taryn